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The internet, OTT and OTA OVER THE AIR is the best way to do this!

Introducing a EZ TALK LIVE exclusive 1 time offer. Get your show or commercial advertising on not 1 but 2 networks! EZWay Network and Zondra TV. EZWay Network is on Direct TV, Simul TV, Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire as well as has their own mobile app reaching millions! Zondra TV is on Comcast, ROKU, APPLETV, AMAZON FIRE and has their own mobile app reaching millions! This is a $30,000 value that is being offered to you from this episode alone for $997.00

Email ezwaynetwork@gmail.com or visit http://ezway.tv and click on SHOP this is also available on the eZWay Family App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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Up to 8 episodes distributed on both of our networks for 6 months valued at $30,000 for $997.