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Tiffany D Bell, CEO of Your Nonprofit Pro
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DeJarvis Floyd AKA Mr. Momentum is the high-energy no-nonsense CEO.
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Tiffany D Bell, CEO of Your Nonprofit Pro
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April 8, 2021
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Meet Tiffany D Bell, CEO of Your Nonprofit Pro With the definition of professionalism lingering amongst the uncertainty of a trendy culture; Tiffany D Bell stands as proof, that business reliability is far from being a lost art, in this generation. Combining unequivocal poise and diligence with a natural refinement, Tiffany is known best, for her exemplary leadership, compassion, and an unyielding ability to balance cultural demand with a professional vernacular; unmatched by most. Tiffany D. Bell is a multidimensional leader, influencer, and communal advocate. Having spent more than two decades providing the best in managerial, administrative, and servant leadership, Tiffany is often counted as one able to execute at high levels; regardless of unforeseen circumstances, quintessential business pivots, or various setbacks. As the Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Center of Gulfport, MS; Tiffany encourages women to make positive life choices. Connecting her faith in God with an innate ability for servant leadership, she walks out an intentional effort to impact the lives of young women with the hope of the Gospel. As one on a mission to show them how to step forward in their power when faced with difficult circumstances, Tiffany is able to translate 25 years of experience in communal outreach and leadership training into a formidable blueprint made, for transforming young women’s lives. She is co-director of Success Women’s Conference, which was recently named a Top 10 Conference for Professional Women by Essence Magazine. Held annually in September, women for all over the nation flood the MS Gulf Coast to be inspired, connected, empowered, and recharged by internationally known speakers and coaches. Attendees leave the conference with a greater sense of confidence and elevated in all areas of life, both professionally and in their personal lives. Tiffany also has a strong respect for higher education, as she earned her degree in Radiological Health Services in 1998 and has since, given many professional years to its vocation. The trademark of leadership is an appropriate repute of Tiffany D Bell; as she is also an Honorary Commander for Keesler Air Force Base 2nd Air Force, 81st Medical Group. Having displayed a sensory for communal leadership, she served as a director of Keesler Air Force Protestant Women Group and Bible Study leader for many years, believing that veterans, as herself ; tend to flourish naturally when surrounded by community involvement. Tiffany is also the Co-Chairman on the Board of Trustees for Lighthouse Business and Professional Women, a director for the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber and treasurer for the 2019-2020 year of the Kiwanis Club of Orange Groove, of which she was recently nominated for Lay Person of the Year. She received the 2019 Tom Tandler Lifetime Achievement Award. When Tiffany D. Bell is not out serving her community; changing lives throughout Mississippi and abroad, she is a proud mother of two sons, and a grandmother with a firm belief in creating a legacy for her children and grandchildren for years to come. Tiffany D. Bell. Leader. Advocate. World-Class Professional. https://www.supadata.net/cards/Heal_T… #TheTinaRamsayShow #NonProfit

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