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Meet Chief Executive Officer of Intellicard USA Steve Poznanski
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Meet Chief Executive Officer of Intellicard USA Steve Poznanski
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April 8, 2021
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Are you still only using a Paper Business Card in a Digital Age? Did you know that? There were 10 Billion business cards printed last year and 88% were thrown out in a week. That’s 88% (and we’ve all done it, right?!) All the effort you put into networking at events and making contacts is practically doing nothing for you. This doesn’t even mention the time and money that goes into business card design and the cost of card printing. The way we connect with each other is changing. It is almost impossible that the way we use business cards will stay the same. As we mentioned in the beginning 88% of cards are thrown out, lost, or put in a pile in the first 48-72 hours. The biggest reason people give is that they didn’t need the service you are providing at that time. Ask yourself this question, if you knew you are spending $100 but that $90 of it would end up thrown in the trash would you still spend that money? Studies also show that company sales increased 2.5% for every 2000 cards that were passed out. So, here’s the disruption and opportunity: You’re replacing a business card that has been unchanged and pretty much ineffective (88% being thrown away) for over 100 years. And you’re replacing it with an IntellicardUSA smart card (that is speaking to today’s language—digital and cell phone and anything connected to the Internet). Here’s the big PLUS…. you can’t throw out the Intellicard (no one really throws out their laptop or cell phone). Because of this, you are guaranteed that your card will be saved to contacts 100% of the time or at least be on that person’s phone or email. So, whether they are interested now or in the future for your products or services (or know someone who is) you know 100% that your contact information was saved to that person’s Contacts or they can easily access your card and info when they want or need to. You still may not even hear back from the 12% that don’t throw your card away in the first week but, you are more likely to hear back from them if you have an IntellicardUSA digital card. Our IntellicardUSA smart card is a necessary evolution in business. It is the GATEWAY to YOU!! The primary benefit for investing in your IntellicardUSA smart card is for someone to be able to have all of your information in the palm of their hand and can reach you and share your information easier, faster and better. Not to mention how easy it is to save and keep organized. Manually entering data from a physical business card can take some time and is prone to human error. IntellicardUSA smart business cards do not have this problem because the card can immediately be downloaded as a contact to your phone or easily to the home screen of your customer or prospects’ phone or laptop. While paper business cards can seem faster, you are overlooking the time and effort it takes to manually enter all the information, let’s not forget the cost and time associated with paper cards. You can have your IntellicardUSA smart card in a matter of hours. We do all the heavy lifting for you. IntellicardUSA provides not only an inexpensive way of sharing your details without the commitment of designing and buying physical cards. But, also gives you the ability to make changes and updates as often as you like at no cost!! By using our IntellicardUSA smart business card you will be able to create direct links to your portfolio that your prospect or client can immediately click through. If they don’t have an immediate use for your services maybe they know someone who does. With that being the case they can forward your card to someone they know that may have some interest in your products and services. Finally, If you aren’t forward-thinking, anticipating how your customers want their information delivered, then think of…. Blockbuster (sales that went from $5 Billion to $0–bankrupt). If you are forward-thinking and customer-focused and have anticipated what your customers want…. then think of Netflix (sales $2.48 Billion). Which company do you want to be? You see, the business card is like Blockbuster, which hasn’t changed or evolved with the times. The IntellicardUSA is like Netflix, delivering what your future customer’s want and the way they want it…..Easier, Faster, and Better. GO GREEN, GO DIGITAL, GO INTELLICARDUSA The whole world has gone digital! It’s time your paper card joined? Buy your digital card here at tinyurl.com/coachtina1

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