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Meet CEO of My Own Lane Consultants LLC Ladda Hawkins
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Meet CEO of My Own Lane Consultants LLC Ladda Hawkins
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April 8, 2021
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EPISODE TOPIC: Trucking Transportation Industry Sales Training Program. The Tina Ramsay Show is brought to you by the eZWay Wall of Fame *Join their Social Networking Community for Free by clicking the link: https://bit.ly/3qTKINY Thank you to The Tina Ramsay Show Gold Sponsors: Desi Therapy Linktr.ee/desitherapy & Faces by Etosh https://www.facesbyetosh.com/ They provide a luxurious spa experience in Columbia, SC Tiffany D. Bell CEO of Uncommon Courage http://www.uncommoncourage.cc/ Want to be an Author? Email tiffany@uncommoncourage.cc Felicia Grimes Financial and Estate Planning Expert Connect with her https://www.facebook.com/FeliciaEGrimes Would you like to be a Sponsor for our Show? Email us TheTinaRamsayShow1@gmail.com Support our International Podcast https://bit.ly/2KShwb6 and get a Shout-Out! ************************************************************************************************************* This week’s episode features….. Ladda Love Hawkins She is a licensed commercial insurance broker and transportation risk manager licensed in 23 states. As a former certified educator, she emphasizes the importance of educated, data-driven decisions. She provides resources and mentoring for new trucking and related services business owners. Ladda lives by the mantra “Each one, teach one” in her consulting approach where she strives to individualize sales strategies that best increase revenue for the new business owner. Book Appointment with her: bit.ly/MyOwnLaneSales Instagram @laddalovetrucking Website: MyOwnLaneConsultants.com Want to Be Our Guest? https://thetinaramsayshow.com/ Follow us on: Facebook @TheTinaRamsayShow Instagram @TheTinaRamsayShow Youtube @TheTinaRamsayShow Stay Connected: tinyurl.com/coachtina1 Join our EBL Community for Entrepreneurs to get Training, Network, Collaborate, Share, Shine, and Grow with Stand-Out Entrepreneurs and Celebrities. We build authentic relationships based on the WinWin Moto. https://www.facebook.com/groups/epicb… https://www.supadata.net/cards/Heal_T… #FemaleTrucking #EBL #TheTinaRamsayShow #MyOwnLaneConsultants
DeJarvis Floyd AKA Mr. Momentum is the high-energy no-nonsense CEO.
April 8, 2021
Meet Robin Smith |Natural Wellness Advocate| Singer|
April 8, 2021

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