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Let’s talk tutoring, business and wealth with Kiyana Mensah.
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Let’s talk tutoring, business and wealth with Kiyana Mensah.
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May 25, 2021
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Kiyana Mensah is the CEO and Founder of Back to the Basics Tutoring. She recognized a huge disparity in the community amongst our children in regards to the gap in education and decided to do something about it. Her tutoring center is unique in the sense that it creates a space of play to engage it’s children and motivate them to learn. She continues to set all of her “children” up for success and it’s evident in the marked improvement in their test scores and studies. Kiyana, is also a Wealth and Financial Guru, educating the community about investing, budgeting and more and she just recently launched her braid bar in the Milwaukee area.

Kiyana is definitely the Queen to watch as she soar to new found heights and I am thrilled to introduce you to her. To connect with Kiyana: visit her website- www.backtothebasicstutoring.org Find her on social media: Back To The Basics Tutoring LLC

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