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Meet Maya McClean- Who Toured with the artist “Prince ''for 13 years!

Meet Maya McClean-Who Tour with Prince, The Artist for 13 years

Maya McClean is an Australian singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, healer, truth coach and filmmaker.

She has been in various films as; Moulin Rouge with Nichole Kidman and “Surfer Dude'' with Mathew MacConaughey, and commercials for brands like; Red Bull and McDonalds, as well as gracing the stage in Disney’s “The Lion King“.

It was her childhood dream to come to American and dance with Michael Jackson but instead the universe sent her the artist “Prince '' for whom she did background singing and dancing for over 13 years, she also performed with top recording artists Chris BroPrince '' for whom she did background singing and dancing for over 13 years, , Rihanna and Letoya Luckett. After her venture as a back - up singer and dancer, Maya and her twin sister Nandy released their debut album “Target Practice'' with their band “Heroine December”. Not long after the release she made her way into the world of music video and film production by Executive Producing “Prince’s” music video “Breakfast can wait'' that led her to write, direct and produce short films and documentaries, such as “The Lamp”, “iPhoto” “Hair” and “Blind” winning various film festival awards.

Maya has now been guided into a life of service and healing which has led her full circle, back to her music as a solo artist, writing transformative lyrics and healing music. She is also serving through intuitive massage and a truth coaching for her one on one clientele. She is being guided by a source to heal, love, transform and lift the vibration of the planet.

Web: IG: @liveyourhighesttruth & @mayamcclean Facebook: Liveyourhighesttruth & Maya.mcclean.2 Youtube: Mayamcclean

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Coach Tina Ramsay

Associate Producer for eZWay Network & Executive Producer for The Tina Ramsay Show


About Our Show

The Tina Ramsay Show is all about motivating you, sharing knowledge, and having upbuilding conversations centered around Business, Education, Wellness, and Life. We introduce you to stand-out Celebrities' and Entrepreneurs that are making a Positive Impact in the World.

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Coach Tina Ramsay is a Homeschooling Mom of two children, wife of almost 20 years and relies on her Strong Faith and Relationship with God to Direct her steps.

Coach Tina has 6 years of streaming experience which includes TV, Social Media, Podcasting, and Youtube. Tina has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in front of the camera and behind it. She’s the Executive Producer and Host of her own successful TV Show and Podcast. Coach Tina is also an Official eZway Wall of Fame Trainer and Associate Producer for multiple shows on the eZWay Network.

She’s The Founder of 3 Google Blue Star Verified Businesses which are: Epic Business Leaders, , and The Tina Ramsay Show and Podcast in which she is the Executive Producer and Host. Her Podcast is International in 12 Countries and is on 8 Platforms. Coach Tina’s TV Show is broadcasting to 60 Million Homes on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV powered by the eZWay Network and will find its new Home under EBLTV on the eZWay Network.

She is the interviewer of Entrepreneurs and Celebrities from all over the world focusing on Business, Wellness, and Life. She has received various honors and has been featured in several magazines and books including being featured on ABC, NBC, CBS Fox, CW, and on #63 Grammys Billboard,

Coach Tina is an accomplished Speaker & Editorial Writer for 4 Magazines including eZWay Magazine,

She's a Contributor Author on two #1 Best Selling International Books on Amazon. She uses her platform & Influence to Build up others and Spotlight amazing Entrepreneurs & Celebrities that are making a Positive Impact in the World by them just sharing their story.

She has 10 years of Coaching experience. She has a wealth of knowledge, working in front of the camera and behind it on Social Media, Marketing, Promoting Brands, and so much more. Her Faith, Love for God, and the community is her Motivation. She uses her influence to create opportunities for others through several partnerships and collaborations with major movers and shakers in the industry.

What Coach Tina Believes?

She believes that True elevation does not come from you elevating yourself but how you use your gifts and influence to elevate others. She is a firm believer in the #WinWinEffect and that their is room for everyone at the the table if you are willing to work. Her Company is on a mission to position and connect 1,000 Entrepreneur for 2021 with their 3 Tier Initiative of the CEO effect which are: Community, Education, and Opportunities. She trains business owners & Entrepreneurs on how to duplicate her teams system of success. Teaching you how to create your own TV Shows and podcasts with monetization. She teaches you how to maximize your exposure, generate leads, create multiple streams of income, build community, how to collaborate, using TV and Podcasting designed for everyone involved to win by just being your authentic self and sharing your voice, purpose, and others with the world using the Power of Broadcasting.

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