EZ Talk Live Doing It The EZ Way Episode 1.1

EZ Talk Live Doing It The EZ Way Episode 1.1

“When your done doing it the Hard Way, Do it The EZ Way”

This talk show is aired first on KXLA/FANTV national primetime television Sunday’s 5:30 pm – 6 pm pst then syndicated through eZWay’s distribution https://ericzuley.com/kxla for more info

After 18 years of hard work, speed bumps and obstacles, Eric Zuley is now on Cable TV, DISH, Direct TV, AT&T, FIOS, COX COMMUNICATIONS and much more… Eric’s brand is #eZWay however it was not a easy journey by no means. Many did not want to see Eric succeed and many of tried to stop his growth for years. People have put FAKE RIPOFF REPORTS and SCAM reports out on Mr. Zuley, people have tried to defame his character, people have tried to discredit him in every way they could. People have stollen his web traffic, Eric and his company have been attacked by Hackers over 500 times and yet Eric was determined to succeed. His goals when he first started in this industry was to help others learn how to succeed and intern help himself succeed. In 2007 Oct. 3rd the YouTube Channel WhatUNeedTV channel was created and the definition behind this was

WHAT U NEED TO KNOW, TO SUCCEED YOUR GOALS” Today this channel has over 13,000,000 viewers, Eric then met Pepper Jay founder of Actors Reporter and was a guest of their TV Network Actors Entertainment then asked to do a show. “THE EZ SHOW” which was on public access television for over 33 episodes 3 seasons.

Now Eric Zuley is a live personality on television with his new talk show EZ TALK LIVE Hosted by Eric “EZ Zuley

Eric sits on over 10 different boards, his brand he self built #eZWay is endorsed by some of the biggest in entertainment, business and philanthropy.

There is so much to Eric Z’s story it is quite inspirational. Watch each week as Eric and his influencer friends do it “The eZWay” Learn what eZWay is really all about and how it can help you amplify your business and help others.

CALL INTO OUR EZWAYFAM HOTLINE (424) 242-9504 Eric Zuley would love to hear from you!


Executive Producer: Eric Zuley
Producers: Dante Sears DVision Pictures, Le Andre Bell L&R Productions
Associate Producers: Ian & Saskia GloverZoneDLPictures, Cory Bowden Prometheus Designs

Music by: Audio Blocks, MIchael Dade


Host Eric Zuley
Segment-Host Dante Sears


Onsite host Frank Helring
James Hawthorn
Andrew Steel
Pepper Jay
Berny Dohrmann

The EZ Show Sizzle

Shellie Hunt
Ashley Argota
Richard Tyson
Max Ryan
Kaya Jones
Maria Melton
Sally Kirkland
Boo Boo Stewart
Adrian Paul
Zach Callison
Kim Marie
Jennifer Irene
eZWay Angels
Larry Witherspoon
Sam Sarpong
Millena Gay
Reatha Grey
Najee Detiege
Little Cooper Flemming
Jana Flemming
Jarvee Hutcherson
D Nice
Romane Simon
Brian Hooks
Phillip Harth

eZWay Cares

Dr. Janet Franko

Thanks to

New Life Global Development
Bliss Studios
Dante Realty

The EZ Show with Larry Namer Co-Founder E! Entertainment

The EZ Show with Larry Namer Co-Founder E! Entertainment

An entertainment industry veteran with over 45 years professional experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner of Metan Development Group (Metan), a venture created to develop entertainment and media specifically for the Chinese marketplace. An accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. Namer is the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, a company now valued at over $3.5 billion USD, and the creator of several successful companies in the United States and overseas. He was also instrumental in discovering and launching the careers of Greg Kinnear, Julie Moran and Katie Wagner, the main on air personalities of E! in its early years.

Among those companies are Comspan Communications that pioneered Western forms of entertainment in the former Soviet Union, including the syndication of the popular soap opera Santa Barbara, which ran for 10 years in the region, and Steeplechase Media that served as the primary consultant to Microsoft’s MiTV for developing interactive TV applications. Steeplechase was also involved in the early development of ITV programming, creating interactive episodes of Baywatch, Pacific Blue and over 250 episodes of Judge Judy. Mr. Namer was also the Primary Strategic Consultant to The Documentary Channel.

A cable industry pioneer, Mr. Namer began his career in 1971 at Time Incorporated Manhattan Cable, and served as Vice President and General Manager of Valley Cable Television (VCTV) in Los Angeles, the nation’s first 61-channel two-way cable system. His vision and direction garnered VCTV several Emmy and Cable ACE award nominations, as well as recognition by Forbes magazine as the national model for local cable television programming. In 1989, he was awarded the prestigious President’s Award from the National Cable Television Association.

In recent years, Mr. Namer has become recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on new technology and how it is fundamentally altering the business of international media and entertainment. Among the companies that have enlisted his expertise are Microsoft, Paul Allen’s Digeo, World Digital Media Group (a joint venture of Radio Shack), EchoStar and Sirius Radio network.

Mr. Namer’s latest venture, Metan Development Group (Metan) was created to develop and distribute entertainment content and media specifically for Chinese speaking audiences in China and abroad. Namer’s partners on this venture are entertainment industry veteran Martin Pompadur and Amerilink founder Jean Zhang.

Metan’s most notable projects include Hello! Hollywood!, a weekly entertainment news series tailored to Chinese audiences, offering up the latest in celebrity and lifestyle news, and covering the most glamorous red carpet events and award shows. Since its launch in summer 2009, the series is now available on over 40 television stations reaching more than 250 million households throughout China. Metan also launched the series’ premier content on 10 of China’s top online portals in 2010, adding 360 million Chinese netizens to its program reach.

In February, 2011 Metan teamed up with Tencent, owner of China’s largest Internet service portal QQ.com, to create special entertainment news coverage direct from Hollywood surrounding The 83 Annual Academy Awards, tailored specifically to Mandarin-speaking audiences. This first ever viewing event was watched by an impressive audience of 3.2 million Mandarin-speaking viewers in China.

Recently, Metan joined forces with global nonprofit WildAid to distribute a special series of celebrity PSAs designed to raise awareness to reduce the demand for threatened and endangered species products and to increase public support for wildlife conservation worldwide.

Metan is adapting several formats of popular Western TV shows for localized versions, as well as developing the original sitcom Return to Da Foo Tsun, daily health and wellness series Everyday Lohas (Life of Health and Sustainability) and feature film titled Moon Flower of the Flying Tigers.

Additionally, he also serves as Senior Advisor, Strategic Development to Eurocinema On Demand, the only 24/7 on demand foreign film channel now available in 36 million homes via cable and satellite in North America.

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