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Tina Michelle

eWay Influencer/Partner

eZWay Influencer

UN Ambassador Tina Michelle is the Host of Tina Speaks Today and the Owner of the TMTV network. Her show focuses on topics like, Bridging the Racial and Technical Divide; The Standing Rock Conflict; Advocating for Unity of the Christian Church; Empowering Parents with tools and solutions to transfer legacy and generational wealth and much much more. Also known as a “Hope Ambassador” and an “Actionist”, Tina’s credentials include a Bachelor’s Science in Political Science from New York University; a Master’s of Science in Psychology from Liberty University.

She also has earned certifications as Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Master Certified Coach Trainer; Master Biblical Coach; and, is the Chancellor of the Consortium of Change Coaching Institute and Global Think Tank. Ambassador Michelle was installed as a United Nations Ambassador to advocate for the Native Nations and Global Sustainability on September 21st and on January 16th 2017, Tina Michelle was the recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Drum Major Presidential Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service from Mercy Worldwide International and President Barack Obama.

Tina Michelle is mother of 2 Adult Children and is from Tarrytown, NY and is the Senior Pastor of The Hope Embassy located in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona.

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