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eZWay Network TV is a not only a television network, we help you network yourself to success through our other associated platforms.

EZWAY WALL OF FAME, SOCIAL MEDIA, TV PRODUCER PROFILES, OUR MAGAZINE AND RADIO STATION, LAST BUT NOT LEAST WE HAVE 415 + members and a quarter of them produce events. We cover these events and then the event attendees always want to see their interviews and photo coverage. They need to subscribe and we then stay connected and convert them to members. Which means these are potential sponsors or guests for your shows.

We help you monetize your content through our media strategies. Most of our tv show producers are making around $10,000-$50,000 annually. Our sub channels are making around $10,000 – $100,000 and our networks are hitting 6 or 7 figures minimum.

We can help you produce your own show, sub channel or tv network and put you on APPLE TV, ROKU, AMAZON FIRE TV, SIMUL TV AND MY TV TO GO reaching 350,000,000 + potentially and we can promote your content on over 300 channels between our partners.


  • We need your to signup and create your tv producer profile
  • 1080 P or higher uploads
  • For your profile we need at least 3 episodes on a youtube playlist or promo’s of episodes
  • Promo pictures and video
  • Short description of your show


Every video you watch is either ezway produced or supported. We helped bring more value and more business to everything you see. These are endorsement from the tops of the tops and we helped bring the pre-promotion and afterbuzz when it was all over! We helped increase their reach and expand their brand, as well as increase their sponsorship closing ratio and guest turnout.

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