About Us

Who We Are

eZWay.TV was born about 15 years ago really when the WhatuneedTV Youtube Channel was created in 2006 to help its subscribers to learn what they need to know to succeed their different lifestyle and business goals. After accumulating coverage of hundreds of a list celebrities, events and interviews, being in-house media for Akon's Convict Muzik 10,000 subscribers and 13,5000,000 views the eZWay TV World Wide youtube channel was created.


We needed a channel that could house all the other channels and shows that eZWay was involved with

EZ WAY TV was formed from and still stands and is available on the FILM ON app and website with tens of thousands of channels and close to 1 billion viewers, from this went to a channel on Roscoes Chicken and Waffles media distribution and then to distribution on Evander Hollyfields families company iLaunch and then is when everything changed and went to the next level for us.


Eric Zuley was speaking at the Anaheim convention center talking about how to turn content into cash from home

and met a gentleman that specialized in creating ROKU TV channels Eric Zuley was offered his own channel on ROKU TV called eZWay Network. This channel is accessible currently on ROKU TV, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV, and for ios users on Apple Store.


This channel houses currently close to 20 channels and 40 TV shows and will still continue to grow

We’re also building other OTT networks under the eZWay Network umbrella. EZWay.TV is the go to website for all of our producers that want to distribute their content and now producers that want to place their content on our site. This content is uploaded and may make it on our network after receiving a call from one of our many sales agents

We're a faith based

heart centered family oriented network wanting to built a community of like minded entrepreneurs that support one another

EZWay Network is an IMDB accredited network which allows use to reward our shows and casted people on these shows IMDB credits.

Our Team

Eric Zuley

CEO/Founder Executive Producer

David Eugene Andrews


James Zuley

Senior Advisor

Dr. Dante Sears

Chief Operations Officer Producer

Ian C. Glover

Associate Producer

Saskia Van Buren

Associate Producer

Derrick Hutchinson